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Hally Loe, world’s only pop, contemporary, and country music flutist, is enjoying her burgeoning reputation as a much sought after and successful entertainer. Each and every year, Hally’s list of accomplishments expands exponentially with her opportunities to perform in a wide variety of global venues.

Along with her generally sold-out performances for her regular, and musically spectacular concerts, Hally has branched out to perform Motivational Concerts that focus on the development of Self Esteem and the attainment of Personal Goals through allowing life’s difficulties to sculpt and reveal the authentic and powerful Self. Hally’s motivational concerts appeal to all audiences and groups, whose intentions are to find the inspiration of individual value in order to overcome personal challenges, sufferings, and obstacles. These concerts are attracting lots of attention and netting extremely favorable reviews, as Hally’s sensitive musical performances leave her audiences with the unmistakable message of Hope. For, as all fans of hers know, Hally has herself, overcome incredible obstacles, including losing her singing voice and a Nashville contract to injuries suffered in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Not willing to give up the music she loves and believes in as a healing force, she decided that if she couldn’t make music her life as a singer, she would become an instrumentalist. So, buying a flute, teaching herself to play it, along with the pop, contemporary, and country music she loves, Hally quickly splashed into the music scene as one of its most popular and unique performers.

She now has three successful CD’s under her belt and is presently working on her fourth. Her music is also successfully sold internationally and she has hit the itunes charts in several countries.

One of her greatest musical honors and accomplishments yet to date, took place in the summer of 2006, when Hally Loe represented the United States in a 10-country music festival held at the college campus of BYU Idaho, in Rexburg, Idaho. This elite, invitational music and dance festival attracts thousands of spectators from all over the world, and involves hundreds of talented musicians and dancers from around the globe. Hally center-staged at the event, earning high applause and high praise from both audiences and the event administrators. One of the directors said, “Hally Loe is the most marketable of all of the performers we have had at the Festival.”

Hally’s music has also splashed into the world’s music venue via itunes. Her music is found in over twenty-three countries.

Hally will be performing this year in many venues throughout the world. You can view her upcoming events, and read her blog, biography, and performance reviews by going to her website: Don’t miss the opportunity to see her perform. You will come away, not only impressed with her musical talent, but also inspired with the feeling of hope in your own potential.