“The man on the top of the mountain didn’t fall there!”

This is my favorite quote, and it fairly adequately describes my life and my belief system.

I didn’t even enter the music business until I was in my mid thirties. After a couple of failed marriages, failed careers, and a whole plethora of suffering from early childhood trauma, one day I auditioned for a job as back-up singer in a band. I didn’t really think that music would become my life, as it later turned out to be. However, as a single mother, struggling to make ends meet, I did think that the extra $300.00 a month that the job would put in my pocket would be a totally welcome chunk of change. I had always loved music, and I had been told that I was a pretty decent singer, so I jumped into the breach and auditioned.

I hooked the job, and the music biz quickly hooked me. Turns out that I loved everything about music and performing. I loved the music itself, the people that I met, the travel it afforded, and the personal growth that it demanded. I worked hard, started writing my own songs, and soon became the front person for the band. I quit my other jobs and took the leap of faith into making music my “day job”. I worked with full dedication to not only make a living at the biz, but also to use music to help heal the emotional wounds in others that it had helped to heal in me.

One day, I got a call from a management agency in Nashville. They wanted me to sign a contract with them. They were a small agency, but, hey, they had noticed me! They liked my music. And they wanted to work with me to promote it to the world. Can it get any cooler than that?! I signed the contract and came home feeling on top of the world, and thinking that all my life struggles were over. Wrong! As so often happens, life and the universe had other plans. Shortly after signing the contract, I lost my singing voice due to injuries that I suffered in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. And, it looked as if all my dreams had crashed along with my car and my head in that accident.

I worked for over a year to recover from the multiple physical injuries that I suffered in that accident. After I was walking again and doing pretty well, I decided to work on healing the injuries to my music career. I accepted the fact that my singing voice was gone, but I decided not to accept the fact that my music career was over. I decided that if I couldn’t perform music as a singer, then I would learn to perform it as an instrumentalist. So, I went to a music store, looked at all the instruments, picked out a flute, bought it, along with a book on how to play the flute, took it home, and started teaching myself how to play it. Then I started teaching myself how to play the popular and country music that I loved on it. Songs that are classics and that everybody knows and loves. My idea was that if people could hear songs that they knew by heart, they would accept hearing it played on the flute, and then the music would have a chance to touch them and work its healing magic.

When I had that mastered, I called my old agent and told him that my plans were to concertize playing pop and country music on my flute, and asked him to book me. He said, . . . . . . . . .”You’re nuts! Nobody wants to hear pop or country music played on the flute. The flute is for symphony orchestras, and marching bands, and I won’t have anything to do with this crazy idea.”

So I booked my own concerts, and people came to those concerts. Turns out people do like hearing their old favorites played on the peaceful and healing instrument that the flute is. Then, people started asking me if they could buy my CD. Well yeah! If I had one! So, I borrowed $10,000 and recorded a CD. I had visions of a thousand copies sitting in my basement, just like they do with a lot of other musicians that I have known. But, I believed in myself and in my music so I took another leap of faith.

I will never forget the first time that I sold my CD’s at a concert. The sound man’s wife had agreed to put some out on a card table and see if she could sell some for me. Half way through the concert, the sound man signaled for me to turn around and look in back of me, where the CD table had been set up. I couldn’t believe it! There was a huge line of people waiting to buy my CD! Wow! Was that cool! And validating!

My first CD sold so phenomenally well that I recorded a second, and a third, and I am now working on my 4th CD. They are sold all over the world and I also perform all over the world, doing the music that I love. I often wish that I could run into that old agent, the one who told me that my idea would never fly, and politely, but, I assure you, quite smuggly, I would say, “Uh, I sort of told you so.”

A few years ago, I was asked by a corporation, who normally hires motivational speakers at their conferences, to do a motivational concert. To talk about “reinventing the self in times of trial through the strength of self-value”, within the context of one of my concerts. I thought it was a great idea, so I did it. That was the beginning of a whole new direction for me and my music. Along with my regular, strictly-for-entertainment concerts, I have now branched out to perform Motivational Concerts that focus on the development of Self Esteem and the attainment of Personal Goals. In my motivational concerts I work with audiences and groups, whose intentions are to find the inspiration necessary to overcome personal challenges, sufferings, and obstacles, and to attain their goals and dreams. I encourage the ideal of self-value as the basis for their personal inspiration and achievement.

I have managed to reach the top of some of my own life’s “mountains”. But, I’m not done climbing mountains yet. I know that any trial or suffering that we encounter in life can be overcome by our willingness to learn the lesson behind that trial or suffering, and by learning that lesson and applying it to our life, we transform our life. Another of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite people – Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, is:

“You can’t transform the world until you transform yourself.”

Happy transformation, everybody! Hally Loe