It has been said that most of the world’s ills are committed in the name of God.  Too often, people of different religions, nationalities, and belief systems have completely diverse concepts of God.  And those divergent concepts create wars, vast experiences of suffering, and conditions of tremendous peril around the world


“What would Jesus do?”  This is the query that good Christians everywhere claim to rely upon as the light that guides their actions, words, thoughts and behavior.  And it is wonderful thing to behold when a Christian person actually walks in the light of that guidance.


Sadly, however, there are many who talk that talk, but fail miserably to walk that talk.  But my friend and neighbor, Lisa, is a person who lives every day as if that question; “What would Jesus do”; is indelibly stamped on her heart.


Lisa is a relatively “baby” Christian, having been converted and baptized later in her life.  But she is the finest example of a Christian that I know.  She is the first person to jump to the aid of a friend, neighbor, or stranger when she sees they are in need. She never expects to be repaid, or rewarded, or even thanked.  She just enduringly chooses the guiding light in her life that is the Christ-like way of being.


An old irascible widower lives in our neighborhood.  He is hard of hearing and plagues the neighborhood because of his bottomless pit of loneliness that his wife’s passing created in his world.  His need is sometimes so overwhelming that people run when they see him.  But not Lisa.  Lisa cares for him, and cares about him.  She takes him to his doctor’s appointments, listens to the endless repeats of his stories, and bravely accepts his invitations for her to come visit him, so that she can minister to his unending need for company.  Since part of the reason that people have a difficult time being around him, is his almost total deafness, and his corresponding penchant for talking without listening, she recently took him to get a second opinion regarding his hearing loss.  Her goal was to find him help with his hearing so that he could participate in conversation more with other people, and thus avoid the shunning that he encounters every day.


She is the first to throw a party if someone has something to celebrate, is moving into or out of the neighborhood, or needs some cheering up. 


She is the constant support to her boyfriend, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, attending his hospital and doctor’s appointments with him, and always trying to keep up his spirits.


But no experience reflects Lisa’s devotion to the path walked by Jesus, like the following situation.


Lisa was invited to a local church that some family members attend.  As she was sitting listening to the sermon, she, and everyone else in the congregation, could not miss a homeless man sitting on the front row sobbing with grief.  Because of his bedraggled appearance, and very noticeable lack of hygiene, no one was sitting on his row or on the row behind him.  Despite his audible sobs, the minister ignored him and continued with his sermon.  Perhaps because of that un-Christ-like example, the rest of the congregation likewise ignored him.  But not Lisa.  The man’s pain tore at the strings of her huge heart.  So she left her seat and went to sit beside the homeless man.  She put her arm around him.  “Yes”, she said, “He did stink.”   But Lisa could not let this grief-stricken man sit alone, and grieve so horribly, without giving him an arm to comfort him, and a heart to console his misery.  She sat with him for the whole service.  I don’t know what ever happened to the poor man, but I do know, that on whatever level, the man’s life was blessed by my friend Lisa, and her unconditionally loving heart.  And all of us who know her are likewise blessed by her! 


And I am grateful that she is in my life!!!

Recently I was talking with a new acquaintance. She is presently experiencing some great life challenges and suffering from some intense personal pain. She said to me, “You have come so far and you have done so much to make your life good and fulfilling. I want to do that with my life, but I don’t have a clue where to start. There is just so much to do. I am overwhelmed!”

I empathized with her, and remembered how lost, afraid, and alone I felt when I first started on my own path of personal growth, evolution, and transformation. So, all I knew to advise her was to tell her where I started. And where I started, I now know from my personal experience, turned out to be a wonderful and powerful beginning.

Here is what I told her.

All paths of personal growth, evolution, and transformation must begin with the intention and/or sincere desire to walk that path. Because, as much as I would like to tell you it is easy, it is most decidedly not! But if you take it one step at a time, and take each step with firm intention, and unconditional love for yourself and others whom you can help after you cross the finish line, you WILL cross that finish line on your path, and you WILL feel the most profound gratitude and happiness for going to all the trouble!

Because my personal path first involved learning to overcome the devastating and abusive devaluation, negation, and rejection that I had experienced in my early life, I took my first baby steps by creating, and by fearlessly and positively, repeatedly and unfailingly performing two very simple but extremely powerful exercises every single day. And I NEVER missed a single day! These exercises I call, “The Gratitude Exercise”, and the “Personal Pride Exercise”.


So simple, yet so powerful, this exercise will change you and your life in a very short time! For a specified time every single day, you say, out loud, all the things you are grateful for. I suggest you start with 5 minutes and work up to at least 15 minutes a day. Feel free to repeat yourself if you find that you are running out of things to be grateful for. But don’t forget ANYTHING! Express your gratitude for the smallest to the largest things in your life. Include anything that makes you feel good, comfortable, happy, healthy, joyful, grateful, loving, accomplished, etc. There is no limit on the things you can find in your life to be grateful for. I have even been known to be grateful for things as small as waking up in the middle of the night and happening to catch sight of a full moon, to even more extremes like someone yelling at me because it gave me the opportunity to learn to not internalize that other person’s anger and cruelty, and love myself more. I repeat. This exercise will absolutely change your life seemingly overnight!

This exercise was much more difficult for me to begin, because I carried such painful wounds from feelings of inferiority, worthlessness, and powerlessness. But nevertheless, I did it, and I still do it. It too is very simple, and extremely powerful in the immediate transformations it will bring to you and to your life. But I will warn you that you might feel like a real geek when first beginning this exercise. But your feelings of geekiness will go away once you get used to doing the exercise, and once you get more proficient at it. Here is what you do.

You take your right hand and place it on your left shoulder, towards your back. And you literally pat yourself on the back as you say, out loud, all the things about yourself that you are proud of. Again, there are no limits. You can find something small or great about yourself every day to be proud of. Again, I recommend starting with 5 minutes every day and work up. You will be amazed how this exercise will transform your life as well. For as you express, out loud, the things you can find about yourself to be proud of, you will find yourself during the day, consciously or even unconsciously, excelling in ways and things you had not previously even thought of, or in ways you had not even believed you could. So powerful is the dynamic of self-confidence that this exercise instills in you!

In a way, this exercise is simply an extension of the Gratitude Exercise, because being proud of your self is also being grateful for yourself. But words carry powerful energy and the energy of the words “grateful” and “proud” will have different but powerful healing effects on you.

After only two weeks of repeating these two exercises every single day, I was able to leave an abusive relationship that I had felt trapped in and had doubted that I could ever escape, I got a new job with more money, and I moved into a wonderful new apartment. I even started to experience healing in my physical body!

No matter what your level of suffering, pain, or challenging personal experiences, and no matter where you are along your path of personal growth, healing, evolution, and transformation, these two exercises will most definitely propel you even more quickly and effectively along that path!

BTW I’m grateful for all of you, my friends, family, fans, and readers, and I’m proud of myself for doing what I needed to do to bring you all into my life! See what I mean?

Good Luck, and keep exercising!

Love always


“The continued dominance by one person over another relies upon the other continuing to believe that they are inferior!” ……. Mark Henrikson in his book, “Origins”

I can remember many years ago, when I first got into the music business, I was standing in a supermarket line, watching the woman working the checkout counter, and interacting with her customers. And I was watching her in amazement! Why? Because she positively exuded self-confidence, and that was the quality that I was struggling every single day to achieve.

Every day I would stand on the stage in front of audiences and hope with all my heart that they didn’t hate me. I loved my music and I believed in what I was doing with my music, but I was shivering in my proverbial shoes as I was doing it. Because I did not believe I was worthy of having people pay attention to me or applaud me. I was frightened of their disapproval and terrified that I would make a mistake and be judged harshly by them. And there I was, observing that checker, comparing our jobs, and our levels of self-esteem, and knowing that she was light years ahead of me!

As my readers know from my previous blogs and my motivational concerts, I was not privileged to have grown up in a family environment where I was loved, cherished, encouraged, and awarded with any kind of attention or favor. Just the opposite. I was negated, rejected, devalued and mistreated. The result of that early childhood trauma for me, was a complete lack of self-esteem. I possessed absolutely no concept of my own worth or place in the world. So of course, via the law of attraction, much of my life was spent attracting more people, and more situations, through which my low opinion of myself, so impressed upon me during my childhood, was mirrored back to me by others.

The Cleansing Power of Suffering Overcome

But as you also know from my previous works, I believe in the cleansing, transforming, and healing power of suffering overcome. I believe that the conditions from which we suffer have great meaning in our life. They serve as teachers that have the power to reveal to us hidden truths about ourselves, and inner strengths that we possess; strengths that we have the power to call upon to OVERCOME our suffering and BECOME the stronger, healthier, more powerful and transformed person we are meant to be.

I believe that we are always, always stronger than any trials or difficulties we may be going through. And the very trials with which we struggle, are the very teachers that show us our inner Light. But only if we react to those struggles with the goal in mind of learning more about ourselves and our inner strengths.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we CAN control how we react to those experiences.

The childhood trauma that I experienced and that robbed me of my self-esteem, presented me with great struggle in my life. But eventually I learned to choose to react to that struggle by consciously turning away from the harshness of what others thought of me, and instead, going within to discover for myself, what I am really made of, and who I really am. And then to choose to gain the courage to express all that inner energy into my external world, honoring and respecting my true self, even in the face of those who cannot, or will not, return that honor or respect.

Now, after years and years of conscious hard work dedicated to learning to honor, respect, and discover my true self, I can walk out on that stage without a single worry about what others think, but rather focusing on the music and message that I love and believe in, and most importantly, enjoy. I am proud to say that now, after all that work, I am more like that wonderful model of confidence that I so envied all those years ago.

That wonderful and beautiful supermarket checker, who inspired me to live a life less afraid.

Love always

Hally Loe

“There are infinite resources in the Universe. It is not a zero sum game where if someone has something it means you must do without.”
…..Mark Henrikson from his book, “Origins”.

Everyone who knows me, and/or who reads my blogs, knows that my core and personal truth is the reality of The Universal Law of Love.” Simply put, The Universal Law of Love, also called the Law of Universal Abundance, is the principle that affirms that God, the Universe, or the divine Godallthatis (whatever you wish to personally call the force that rules and guides all things), so unconditionally loves all of creation, and holds it in such high esteem, that the divine desire or higher will of this divine force is for all of creation to have love, joy, and abundance as its birthright and divine heritage.

I have absolutely certain faith that love, joy, and abundance are divinely meant for each and every one of us. There are no exceptions. The above quote from mark Henrikson underscores that truth, and I love it. When I read it while devouring his first “Origins” series book, I felt as if I was greeting an old friend.

Science has proven that our Universe has no center and it is ever expanding. Well, there you go! Scientific proof of God’s love. Oohh don’t tell the scientists that. Most of them will certainly freak out if they think they have proven the existence of God and Universal Higher Law.

Therefore, under the banner of that truth, it is obvious that the only thing that limits our abilities to have, create, and enjoy those divine gifts of love, joy, and abundance, is but our ability to move beyond any doubt that they are meant for us. Since, we are divinely intended to have these gifts, we CAN have them. But only if, when thinking about them or working towards them, our sensitive subconscious does not hear the goblin of doubt creeping up on us. For, when doubt enters the creative process, the results that we manage to bring to fruition are but the limited results of that doubt.

Yet admittedly, that principle of Universal Abundance can seem overwhelmingly counterintuitive. Just look at this world we live in, we say. There are destructive forces of nature and destructive forces of humanity all around us. These destructive forces seem to obviously and dramatically limit the resources available to us. So how can we overcome doubt in our ability to enjoy the divine gifts of universal abundance when these destructive forces are so in our face, and appear to wield so much power!?

The answer is that we have to learn to look and to see with higher eyes. With eyes that see beyond the physical illusions of this earth plane and that see into the spiritual reality that overrides it. We have to develop a more consciously matured perception of being. A perception that is not limited by our puny, weekling five senses, but that is fueled and directed by our much larger and stronger minds. For the more that we direct our thoughts, or the infinite power of our minds, on an inner awareness of reality, the more we become aware of, and able to see, the infinite truths that reside within that inner, spiritual, reality of higher consciousness.

And what do we have to do in order to make such a matured leap of consciousness? Well that’s easy! The most simple of all answers really. WE JUST HAVE TO WANT TO!

For, when we want to do something badly enough, just like Nike says, we just do it!

So imagine, if you will, a world in which the majority of Earth-dwellers believe in or have faith in that principle of Universal Love and Abundance. Just imagine the beauty, and peace, and prosperity, and freedom from ugly destructive negatives that are so prevalent in our world today.

No one would feel the need to destroy or harm another because they feared that zero sum game that Henrickson talks of. No one would fear that if another had something that it meant that they must do without. No one would suffer deprivation, fear, hunger, violence, greed, war, etc., if they just realized the convenient and beautiful truth that there are, indeed, unlimited resources in the universe, and that the force of love that rules this universe intends for all of us to benefit from those resources.

Look for this truth yourself, and I guarantee that you will find it. Until you do, if you need to borrow faith from me, it’s yours!

Love always


I posted this story last Christmas, but I have had a lot of requests to post it again this Christmas. So, here it is.

I want to tell you a story – a true story – a story of my most memorable and meaningful Christmas. A Christmas in which I experienced the true spirit of Christmas more than at any other time in my life.

Have I mentioned that musicians are not always the most well-paid artisans in the world? Well, sadly, it is true. And one Christmas, several years ago, I found myself in a situation of complete financial embarrassment. I was broke. Totally. I had no concerts or gigs scheduled, and my part-time job doing respite care for a woman with Altzheimer’s was ended. I couldn’t pay my bills, let alone buy Christmas presents for my family.

Now, I LOVE Christmas, and I LOVE giving presents, and I LOVE my family. And I simply could not imagine a Christmas without being able to give them presents. My daughter, Joy, is married and lives in Florida. And just after Thanksgiving of that year, we talked on the phone and she told me that she was sending me a large package with numerous presents for Christmas. With enough tears to drown me, I told her how broke I was and how sad I was that I would not be able to give her presents for Christmas. “So please”, I begged, “Don’t send me anything. It will make me feel so bad.”

And, as she has done many, many times in my life, my daughter made me so proud. She said, “Mom, you are the one who taught me that we give in the currency that we have. I have money this Christmas, and you have other gifts to give. I know that you will find a way to give them.”

Well, see what I mean? Her message and wisdom were right on. I have to admit that, although I knew what she was saying to be true, at the time, my main focus was on bringing in some dough. So, I came up with an idea, and I called the events coordinator at the local Mall. I told her that I would play in the Mall on weekends during the Christmas season, for free, if I could just sell my CD’s. Of course, it was a win-win situation, because she had to find entertainment, and her budget was also hurting. So, every Saturday and Sunday during the month of December, I drove the 90 plus miles to the Mall, set up my sound system, and played for 8 hours. And, each day that I played, I completely soaked up the wonderful Christmas energy that floated around the mall. Children would come up to me and dance and sing along with my music. Adults would sit for hours, resting their shop-weary feet, and listen to the music while they did so. All of us shared the same thing. The Christmas spirit. And, I sold a ton of CD’s. Enough to pay my bills for the month, and then some. What a blessing! But, I digress.

Every morning when I arrived at the Mall, I would call Security, and they would send one of the mall janitors to meet me at my car with a large cart, upon which we carried my sound system into the mall. Then, at night, after I had played for the day, I would call Security again, and they would send the janitor back to me, with the same cart, to help me get my equipment back out to my car. The same janitor always responded to the call, and soon we became friends. He was a jovial, kind man, who always had an encouraging or complimentary word for me. He always told me how much he loved my music, and each day, as we would cart my sound system in an out of the mall together, we would chat about various things. I thought that he was the nicest man, and I enjoyed our short visits each day. One day, he brought his wife and his 2 daughters to the mall to hear my music. He introduced them to me, and they sat for half the day, listening to me play. When they left, they hugged me and expressed how much they loved my music.

On the last Sunday before Christmas, my new janitor friend was helping me out to my car as usual, and I off-handedly asked him if he was ready for Christmas. Instead of responding with a joke or a hearty laugh, as he usually did, he said nothing. I looked at him closely and saw that there were tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me that this was the first Christmas that he could not afford to give his wife and daughters Christmas gifts. He told me of some devastating medical bills that had resulted from an emergency surgery that he had had a few months before, and that he was wiped out financially. Well, boy, could I relate!

So, when we got to my car, I reached into my CD box, and brought out a handful of CD’s. I said, “Here. Give one of these to your wife and each of your daughters and there are a few extra to give to anyone else you like for Christmas.”

He said, “No, no, no! I can’t accept these! I wouldn’t feel right!”

And I said, “You know what, I know how you are feeling this Christmas. I am in the same situation. I’m broke too. My only saving grace is that I got this opportunity to play in the mall and sell my CD’s. I couldn’t even afford to give my own daughter Christmas presents this year, when she was giving me a ton of them. But, as she reminded me when I asked her not to give me anything because I could not give her anything, ‘We give in the currency that we have.’ Right here, right now, I too am broke financially. But, the currency that I have is these CD’s. So, please allow me to give in that currency. And then you, I’m sure, will find your own currency to give.” He accepted those CD’s with much gratitude and thanks, and that is the last time that I ever saw him. But I think of that wonderful Christmas experience all the time.

It is the Christmas where I experienced, first hand, the true meaning of Christmas. That we all have gifts to give to others. That each gift is unique, wonderful, miraculous, and important. And that each gift is our own special currency. And our responsibility to the world is to give in the currency that we have. And, of course, by giving in our own special, unique currency, we also have the opportunity to receive the special currencies of others.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season, and a most successful and faith-filled New Year!

Love always,


6 Dec 2014

The Effort of Achieving

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“Strength that comes easily is no strength at all.” —-Rachel Aaron

“Authentic empowerment is not gained by making choices that do not stretch you.” —–Gary Zukav

“Most people stop the process of training because they think it’s going to hurt. But it hurts more to fail than to go through the ‘hurt’ of achieving.” —– Cesar Milan

When achievement is so highly regarded by every society, when rising to the top is so greatly rewarded, when accomplishing your goals and realizing your dreams is the wish of all hearts, when attaining authentic, personal empowerment guarantees a successful life, why then is it, that so few people actually do these things? The answer is: Because it is hard work! Because it is not easy! Because it “hurts”! Because it takes what I call, the 4 D’s: dedication, determination, discipline, and daring! And the sad truth is, that in this got-to-have-it-now, instant-gratification, I-want-it-handed-to-me, world we live in, a lot of people just don’t want to put in that effort.

However, the difficult truth is, that unless you are willing to put in that effort, all of the above named achievements will not, and cannot, be realized or attained. And just as difficult to know, is that this world is changing, and those who are not willing to put in the effort to advance themselves will find themselves even further behind, and experiencing more painful suffering. For, if you are not advancing yourself, you are not advancing your world.

New and greater advancements are made every day. Advancements in technology, science, knowledge, discovery, understanding, and consciousness. And those advancements are so all-prevailing that unless we each are personally committed to our own advancement, we just don’t stand a chance of surviving, or going anywhere in this evolving world we now live in.

But there is good news, along with the difficult news. And that news is that personal advancement does not have to be accomplished in a day, or a week, or even a year. It can be done more gradually, but it must be done consciously! And all that conscious advancement requires is your commitment to that advancement. Your commitment to, on a daily, even moment to moment basis, making the decision or choice to follow or walk the path of advancement, rather than the paths that are called, “The Easy Way”, or “No Way At All”.

As Gary Zukav so aptly says, “Authentic empowerment (and I would add, advancement) is drawn from choices that you make.”

With every choice or decision that you make to be better, to do better, to act and live with more responsibility to your world and to your authentic self, you take another step along your own path of advancement. Each time you choose to be more dedicated, determined, disciplined and daring in your own advancement, your path not only becomes more defined and clear, but it also becomes easier. It’s true that the path is not easy, but it’s also true that taking that first step is easy. Then, with each choice, and each consequent step, it gets easier, because that exercise of your power of choice, your will, becomes more and more a regular part of who you are. And then, one day, you wake up to find that you have come a long way, Baby!

Go for it! Take that first step, or the tenth, or the millionth! You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Love always

Hally Loe

29 Oct 2014

Miracle Reunion

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I felt nervous, excited, anxious, happy, and a whole host of mixed emotions. My daughter, Joy, my niece, Darien, and I were sitting in Darien’s house, waiting for Rusty to arrive. Rusty, the son I had not seen in 30 years. The son who had been kidnapped by my psychopathic mother and megalomaniac brother. I had not believed that this day would ever come. I feared that the evil, and dysfunction, and deception, that was the foundation of our wounded family, would forever prevent the happiness that now was within seconds of our reach. But I should have known better. The positive work to ferret out the truth that lies within our pain, and to learn the lessons associated with that pain, always prevails over anything negative. And, as I would learn later in this day of miracles, I was not the only one doing that work!

Rusty and his wife, Joe’ll, walked through the door of Darien’s beautiful home! I walked into the arms of the handsome, tall, man that my lost boy of eleven had turned into. He hugged me hard. I pulled back a little bit, and said, “Let me look at you.” But he pulled me back and said, “No, I’ve been waiting thirty years for this hug, and I’m not going to cut it short!”

Angels, and spirit guides, and every other unseen heavenly host that exists must have been there with us on that day, because, what could have been an awkward, difficult reunion, turned out to be completely the opposite. It was beautiful, magical, natural, and wonderful!

It turns out that Rusty, like Joy and Darien, has the most amazing sense of humor. And, for an hour or so, the four of us just laughed and talked and visited, like we had never been separated by thirty years of pain and hurt. And then, seamlessly, our conversation segued into what we were really there to discover and work out. How to get to, and through, the multiple, hurtful, horrible lies that had been told to all of us by who we came to call, “The Wicked Witch of the West,” and “He who shall not be named”, and the years of suffering and separation for all of us that these two evil, loveless people had caused with those lies. This included not only the kidnapping and abuse that followed, but also the suicide of Darien’s father, my other brother.

We spent hours in that conversation and discovery, interrupted occasionally by some great food as well as some comic relief, which was supplied by the power of humor possessed by Joy, Rusty, and Darien. We all knew the lies that my mother, and the psychopathic grandmother of Rusty, Joy, and Darien was capable of, but in pooling all of our experiences, we were all shocked by the depravity with which this hateful woman purposefully worked to hurt us all, especially me; the one who she hated the most! We cried and railed at the cruelty and sickness of the whole situation, as we shared our individual experiences of pain that we suffered as a result of that cruelty and sickness.

We continued until the wee hours of the morning, and it was past 2:00 a.m. when Joy and I slipped into our hotel room and tried to sleep. The next day, we met the rest of Rusty’s family; his kids; my grandchildren that I had never met. And what a wonderful family! Beautiful, intelligent, fun, athletic, and loving! We ate dinner together, played, watched family videos, heard family stories, and looked at family photos. It was almost overwhelming in the beauty and magic of it all.

The next day, the four of us; Joy, Rusty, Darien, and I, met at the Canyons Resort, where we planned on abandoning the intensity of our discovery of each other, and just plain have some fun on the mountain’s zip line. But the Universe had other plans for us. The zip line was closed. So we chose an outside restaurant with an-out-of-the-way table, and we continued that discovery process. We learned more about each other and the evil machinations that had kept us apart. But the most amazing discovery we made was this: Although each one of us had suffered emotional and physical pain that no one should ever suffer, not one of us was defeated by those experiences. But rather, we each found our own path of healing and recovery. We each faced our experiences with strength, determination, and resolve. And we each chose to OVERCOME AND BECOME. We chose to triumph rather than to be defeated.

An inspirational quote that Darien later discovered says it all: “Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.” We had each chosen not to allow the damage caused by these loveless people in our lives, to control the rest of our lives. We had each walked a path of healing, self-discovery, and self-recovery that allowed us to go on and heal not only ourselves, but also to form the resolve to help others, who also may be experiencing trials and hardships in their lives. We had each taken our experiences of “damage” to evolve from the “healed” to the “healer.”

As we were getting ready to get into our various cars to go home at the end of this, our wonderful reunion, Darien told us that she had a dream about us jointly writing a book about our experiences. We agreed that this was the Universe guiding us in our next journey, and we decided to do just that; write a book. The book will feature not only our various and individual experiences of suffering, but also the various and individual paths that each of us has chosen to take in order to overcome and become. Rusty has already written an introduction. And here it is:

“It was a beautiful autumn day in the Rocky Mountains. One of those where you tend to forget about everything, consumed entirely by the sensations of the moment: the gentle breeze; the cool, but you-don’t-quite-need-a-jacket temperature; the azure blue sky; the color-rich mountainside, bathed in sunlight and dressed in all manner of seasonally changing leaves.

They sat in the middle of it all, at a weathered, wooden table on a restaurant patio at the beautiful Canyons resort, this unassuming family of four. A mother, her daughter, son and niece. A perfectly normal situation, you’d think.

But you’d be wrong.

Because what you couldn’t possibly tell from their loving interactions, or from their natural, playful banter, or the easy way the conversation flows back and forth, is that this moment, this blessedly beautiful day, is that this is the first time they’ve seen each other in 30 years. Having been heartbreakingly torn from each other over three decades ago. In fact the only indication of the amazing nature of their soul fulfilling reunion is the occasional tears shed, and the hugs that follow, as they tell each other the story… Their story

This is that story!”

For photos of our reunion, see my facebook page.

To each and every one of you who is struggling, or working to overcome and become from your struggles, I wish you love, peace, and triumph!

Love always


I had mentioned on my facebook page, as well as here, in my blog, that I had made a life-changing discovery after some very, very hard work with my subconscious, and that I would talk about that soon. Well here it is.

I have had a lifetime of struggle with deprivation in all areas of my life. I have suffered great pain from not enough love and care in my relationships, not enough vibrant health to insure that I was able to do the things I loved, and not enough financial resources to insure my well-being, and that of those little beings I was in charge of.

I was blessed (I say “blessed” because I learned many huge life lessons from the experience) with a mother who had a psychopathic personality, and whose behavior was hostile and hateful, while at the same time well hidden from the general public behind a completely false persona of the kindly and helpful. But the truth was, that she hated be from the minute that I was born, and she worked tirelessly at sending me the message of her hate. She would constantly make me feel small, incapable, and unworthy, and would endlessly punish me emotionally, and sometimes physically.

Her psychopathic personality had been formed in her childhood, which caused her to believe that all other women around her had more power than she did, and that she did not have enough power, when around other women, to insure that she got the things that she wanted. And she had many selfish, unrealistic desires. Since I was the only girl in the family, I got the full force of her selfish, painful efforts to make me feel powerless, so that she could feel more power herself. Her disempowering machinations, as well as her punishments if I did manage to gain any form of happiness or abundance, were severe and never ending.

She was adamant that I not gain favor with anyone, or in any circle. And she would enforce that completely cruel desire by telling the most outrageous lies about me, if I ever dared gain any sort of popularity, or achieve any modicum of attention or love. The examples of these situations are endless, but I will tell you two of the most painful.

I had a brother who ended his own life, mostly because of the pain he too had suffered by being raised under our Mother’s psychotic rule and roof. His method of suicide was with one of his own guns. It was a sad and terrible waste of a beautiful human being. But my cruel mother used his death to hurt me too. I was living in the same small town as she and my father lived in. I had great popularity and renown in this town, both as an entertainer, as well as a tireless volunteer with the humane society. I was well-loved and well-thought-of in this town, and that angered, as well as threatened her to no end. So she tried to defame me, and she told everyone in that town that I had gotten my brother hooked on drugs and he had died of an overdose! And this lie was especially vituperous, because I am a person so against drugs and alcohol that the strongest medicine I have every taken is an aspirin! I have never, ever used drugs or alcohol! And knowing that, she wanted to start a rumor in our town using one of my strengths (being drug and alcohol free my entire life) to bring me down in the eyes of others!

But her biggest injustice was telling such huge untruths about me to my daughter, son, and entire family, that my son became completely estranged from me, and still is to this day. And his life too, has been one of pain because of the lies he has been told by this psychotic woman. So, so hurtful! It often seemed that the pain she tried so hard to inflict upon me would never end, even though I have not seen or spoken to her in over twenty years.

I knew that her mistreatment of me had resulted in a great lack of self-esteem; a lack that I knew had much to do with the great deprivation that I suffered. And I worked for years learning to overcome that lack. I learned to approve of myself, honor myself, and love myself, making up for the complete lack of all of those things that I grew up with, until I succeeded in finally developing healthy self-confidence.

But it was not enough. Something was still holding me back, and I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT WHAT IT WAS! I knew that whatever it was, it was buried deep in my subconscious. For our subconscious stores all of our emotional experiences and memories, and thus my subconscious had to be a cesspool of contaminated emotions and feelings. The pitfalls of the subconscious are emotional blocks and inappropriate emotional responses. In addition, emotionally sensitive people have more problems with subconscious emotional blocks than other people. And I was a very emotionally sensitive child. (Still am, but now I work hard at balancing that sensitivity with spiritual cognition).

But I was so intent on ferreting out this hurtful secret from my subconscious, and to be able to lead a happy, fulfilling, service-oriented life, that I took a drastic step this winter. I decided to take the entire winter and dedicate it to digging deep into my subconscious and convincing it, with all the power I have, to give up its secret.

So, I did not go to work, or socialize, or do anything other than work, and work, and work with my subconscious. I was a complete hermitess! And I did everything that I know how to do to access my subconscious and learn its secrets. I meditated. I prayed. I journaled. I programmed my dreams, because dreams are the best way to access the subconscious mind without your consciousness getting in the way. I took long, long, walks in the woods, just letting my inner voice talk to me, and mother nature nurture me.

It took five long months of daily, repeated, and unfailing work and intention, but at last I accomplished the huge feat of making conscious the contents of my subconscious that were holding me back. And this is it.

As an emotionally sensitive child, I took on the desires and feelings of those around me. My father’s feeling about me was apathy. He never wanted a girl child, and he really had no desire or care for my physical well-being. And my mother’s desire was for me to NEVER thrive, prosper, or grow; to suffer, have pain, and go without everything! As an extremely emotionally sensitive child, I took on those desires and feelings of the parental figures, and I held them within my emotional body (where our desires are also stored) as if they were my own. And since our subconscious mind works off our stored emotions and desires, my life reflected the desires of my authority figures, which I was subconsciously owning, and thus I suffered the extreme life-deprivation that I have already mentioned.

As soon as I made this momentous discovery, my life started to change, because I started to change. But my subconscious mind, as often happens, did not want to give up its long-held emotional responses, and it rebelled against my conscious application of my new way of being in the world; a way of being that was no longer accepting that old emotional conditioning of my parental influences, but rather, conditioning my life with my higher, more spiritually informed knowledge: that we are meant, by divine will and love to have love, joy, and abundance; and consciously choosing or willing that in my life. And my subconscious rebellion took the form of a severe back sprain after a fall while hiking. And it would NOT get better, no matter what treatments I tried.

So I went back to dream programming, with the intention to find out what I needed to do to heal my physical body, which I felt was not getting the memo from my conscious mind, but rather, was still listening to my subconscious mind. And I dreamed of a yoga master, who lives in our town, and whose name is Sundari. Sundari means beautiful, and this woman is not only beautiful inside and out, but she is a gifted healer. After one session with her, my subconscious mind said, “Okay! I give up! I see that you are now in control, and I defer to your greater consciousness”. And not only did my back heal, but things in my life are DRASTICALLY healing and turning around. More on these changes in further blogs. But for now, just let me express gratitude to the universe, to my wonderful daughter, Joy, who NEVER quit believing in me, to Sundari who is giving me back my physical health, to my wonderful niece, Darien, who is working tirelessly at mending the dysfunction in our family, and to my own self, for never giving up on my quest and intention to be a better, healthier, more spiritually adept physical being and light worker!

Blessings all!

Hally Loe

18 Jun 2014

Music Box Dancer

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I had promised all of you that I would reveal the thing that has come to fruition in my life after much determination and effort, in this week’s blog. But, I have decided to postpone that until next time. The reason for that postponement is that something came up this past week that reminded me of a very special experience that I had. And my intuition told me that I just had to write about it this week. I have learned to honor my intuition. (In fact that honoring of my intuition will be a large part of what I have to share with you next time.)

A few days ago, my new friend, Don Speice, aka “The Video Chef”, created another wonderful music video using my recording of “Music Box Dancer”. It is a masterpiece, as are all of his music videos, and I just love it. And it is that song that caused the very special experience that I had years ago, and that I want to tell you about it.

Music is magical because it gives us permission to feel. Too many times in our culture, we are encouraged, or forced by outer influences, to keep our emotions repressed or locked up. We do not feel free to feel or express the powerful force of emotions that live within us. And emotions are powerful, because it is emotions that reveal the existence of our Soul. And our Soul, its growth, evolution, and purpose, is why we are here in the first place. (Repressed emotions and their consequences will be a large part of my next blog, so please stay tuned).

Anyway, the song “Music Box Dancer” has always made me feel happy. And happiness, in my earlier life, was not a commodity that I had a lot of. So, when I recorded my first CD, I just had to include that song. After months of planning and recording, the CD was finally complete, and I was driving home from my recording studio in Idaho, to my home in Wyoming. It was Spring, and everything was green and beautiful. The weather was warm and welcoming, and I had my brand new CD playing in my car, turned up as loud as I could. I was so proud of it, and so excited about it. I had worked so hard on it, and it was a dream come true. So I was blasting it out of my speakers with pride.

As is typical in the Spring in this part of the country, there was some road construction, and a line of cars, going both directions, was stopped for a quite a while; so long in fact, that most of us got out of our cars and just stood out in the warm sunshine, chatting with each other. This particular road wound through farm country, and right at the site of where we were stopped for the construction, there was a whole herd of cows with new little calves lying along the fence line next to the road. They watched us all with their big brown eyes.

When I got out of my car, I turned my blaring CD down a little, but (I admit) not much. And it played while all of us, strangers to each other, stood talking outside our cars. A couple of people commented favorably on the CD playing in my car, and I proudly told them that it was my first. While we stood there, the song “Music Box Dancer” came up on the CD. It had only been playing for a few seconds, when all of sudden, every single one of those baby calves jumped up from where they were lying down near the fence, and began running, and playing, and frolicking around. They jumped, and nudged each other, and played until the song ran its course. Then they quietly lay back down near their mothers again near the fence.

All of us looked at each other, astounded at what we had just seen. One of the women in the group said, “I think it was that song that made those calves do that.” So somebody else said, “Play it again, and let’s see.” So I did. And you know, the exact same thing happened. The calves all jumped up and began running around the field in fun mode. And this time, a few of the adult cows joined in. All of us two-legged onlookers just observed this weird, but happy occurrence with open mouthed wonder. And when the song ended, I just hit “repeat”, and the frolicking continued. By this time, the construction workers had been drawn to this wonderful performance of nature, and we all silently, buy joyfully watched as these little calf-members of Mother Nature, rejoiced in a beautiful song.

After the third play-through, we all had to get going, but we all said goodbye to each other and to the calves, and went on our separate ways. But for a few minutes, on that lonely road, winding through farm country, one magical and happy song had united strangers, both human and animal, in a celebration of happiness.

That song had affected some happiness center in those calves, and they had responded by playing in the sunshine. About a year later, I was driving through Colorado, on my way to perform some gigs, and I heard an ad on the radio for a pet store. And the music they were playing in the background of the ad was my recording of “Music Box Dancer”. Apparently, that song hit some sort of cord with animals.

Now every time I play that song, I think of those little calves, and I smile inside. Music affects us emotionally. It gives us permission to feel, and that song gives us permission to feel happy. That is why it has always been one of my favorite songs. And I am so grateful to Don Speice, the Video Chef, for putting it out there in video form. Thanks, Don.

Here is a link to that video. Enjoy! And feel happy!

13 May 2014


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Part of my love for animals I inherited from my father, the Forest Ranger. Dad told me once, “Animals can’t speak English, but if you listen to them with your heart, their message is as clear as if they did.”

I have been blessed with many experiences with animals that could only have taken place because I took that advice. But one outstanding story of my Dad’s ability to listen to animals with his heart, I just have to repeat here.

It happened when he was living in Wyoming. His home was on the banks of a river, and on the other side of the river were high mountains. My Dad was a champion hiker, hiking almost every summer day of his life. As Winter was losing its grip on the landscape one Spring, and my Dad was starting to plan his summer hikes, one big snowfield, high on the mountain above his home grabbed his interest. All the snow had melted off from the mountain except this one snowfield, and it was shrinking daily. Dad didn’t know why he was so drawn to that one snowfield, it certainly did not seem an especially interesting hike. But nevertheless, something about it kept pulling on his attention, making him commit to climbing to it before the warming temperatures made it disappear completely.

Finally one morning, he felt the call from that snowfield so strongly that he could not ignore it. So he donned his back pack and set out for the snowfield, which, he figured was only going to last another day or two before it melted and would be gone for the summer.

It was a hard and steep hike, taking a good half of a day. But when he finally reached that far snowfield, he immediately recognized why it had been calling him. But it wasn’t really the snowfield that had called so clearly to him, but rather something else near the snowfield; something else that called, and Dad’s heart had heard that call.

Lying near the snowfield, starving, skinny, and close to death was a puppy! Yes, that’s right, a three month old puppy. Dad had no idea how it got clear up there on that mountain. It had nothing to eat, but it was living off the water from the melting snow; snow from that one snowfield that was only going to last one more day.

Dad coaxed the puppy to eat some of the sandwich that he had brought with him, and then he carried the little dog down the mountain and took him straight to the vet’s office. The vet gave him some IV nutrients, looked him over good, and told Dad that he had been just in time to save the puppy. That he probably would not have lived another day. The vet, being the only vet in a very small town, also knew the owners of the little dog. And when the vet had finished fixing him up, my Dad took him home.

Of course, the little dog’s “people”, including two small children, who loved the little dog, were ecstatic at the return of their pet, who they assumed was gone for good. After all the loves and hugs over the dog were completed, and he was nestled in his bed, my Dad learned the back story surrounding the little dog’s mysterious presence up high on the mountain near the snowfield.

The puppy had been playing with an older dog when the two had fallen into the river, which was running high with the spring runoff. Both dogs made it out of the river, but had gotten separated. The older dog made it home, but apparently the frightened puppy had become disoriented and had climbed up the mountain. Once on the mountain, he must have been too exhausted to go any further, so he had stayed near the snowfield to drink its melting water. Obviously too weak and too disoriented to go anywhere else, the puppy stayed at the snowfield, and apparently “called” for help in that nonverbal, mystical language that animals speak. And my Dad, who could understand and hear that language, because he listened for it “with his heart”, had heard the puppy’s call, and he responded, giving a happy ending to this true story of the Snowfield Puppy.

If we could all learn to “listen with our hearts”, we would hear so much more, and be blessed by so much, that we might miss otherwise. For here is a special truth. Animals are not the only mystical presence that speaks to us through our hearts!

From my heart to yours;

Hally Loe