Reviews & Recommendations

Talent Management Group, Inc.
Vickie Panek 

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Hally Loe for several years, personally and professionally.

My company hosted her for an event at my office, and we also brought Hally in as our guest motivational speaker in 2017 for our annual talent meeting.
She performed and spoke, leaving our talent inspired and motivated.

In spite of some technical issues at the location, Hally continued on as if nothing happened and never missed a beat.
Her music was awesome as well as her presentation.  We especially enjoyed how everything intertwined so beautifully, capturing everyone’s attention.

She is positive, reliable and fun.  She is insightful and a most talented musician. I know that Hally will always bring something unusual and memorable to any event.
Please let me know if you should have any questions.

Larimar Arts Center
Palatka, Florida
Julia McCoy, Executive Director

The Arts Council of Greater Palatka has worked with Hally Loe in several endeavors over the last two years, all very successful. Hally is a talented professional with the ability to hold the audience in the palm of her hand, effortlessly. She is comfortable in any venue, with any audience, young, and old. Drawing people to the positive energy which naturally surrounds this inspirational woman and entertainer.

Hally Loe is set apart from the rest, by the genuine, honest, and sincere love of life. If you are considering Hally as an entertainer or motivational speaker for any occasion, you can rest assured that Hallly is the right choice.
Vertical Peaks Fine Art
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Ecko Kennedy, Owner

My husband and I own a fine art gallery and high-end Native American jewelry store in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is an aggressively competitive market. When we hired Hally Loe to play at a gallery event, we hit gold. We saw her music actually pull people off the street into the gallery. We booked her for every single gallery event that she was available for from then on. The cliental loves her, the featured artists love her and we love her. Her music made such a difference in our fine art gallery, that we play her music on a loop in our Native American store. We would sing her praises for these reasons alone, but the greatest defining characteristic of Hally Loe is her amazing spirit and undiluted love of life. What a pleasure it has been to work with a person of her quality!

Ricks College
Rexbury, Idaho
Don Sparhawk, Public Relations Director

Dear Hally,

It was truly a pleasure to have you perform at Ricks College last night. I have never heard so many positive comments about a single show since I began presenting shows here three years ago.

You captured the audience and for 90 minutes took us away from our daily cares and transported us to a place of great beauty and peace. You have everything – great music, wonderful stage presence, and an inspiring message of hope
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame And
Past President of National Speaker’s Association
Don Thoren, Mesa, Arizona

As a past National President of the National Speakers Association, I have seen a lot of presenters, but Hally Loe’s unique message and music put her in a class of her own. Hally combines a motivational talk with a high energy performance of popular, contemporary and country music on the flute. This international performer thrills audiences and leaves them with renewed energy to achieve their goals and desires.
Florida Journal
Reviews after Hally’s performance in Crescent City, Florida

Hally Loe is a very talented musical and recording artist. When you hear that Hally taught herself to play the flute after her singing career was cut short as the result of an automobile accident, you admire her personally as well.

Hally brings an entirely different dimension to flute music in that she has adapted her choice of instruments to more popular and often country music. Someone attending a Hally Loe concert will initially be surprised that her selections are not classical, but will not be disappointed in her talent. On the reverse side of the coin someone should not miss a performance, thinking that they don’t like flute music, because she will change their mind. Her music is truly wonderful to listen to.

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to hear Hally perform. She is a wonderfully talented individual and her unique style of music is entertaining and enjoyable. It leaves the listener with a completely different impression of how the flute can be played; for everyone’s enjoyment, whether one normally would choose classical, contemporary, or country music.

Palmas Del Sol, Mesa, Arizona
Luvern R. “Ike” Eickhoff
Director for Social Activity

Ms. Loe travels widely, amazing audiences with her professional, powerful, energetic and unique concert presentations. She is a perfectionist at every attribute of her personality, talent and performances. She astounds and invigorates the human senses, surprising and exciting her listeners with music’s most beloved tunes, including her double and triple tongued renditions of the world’s musical classics.

Ms. Loe captures the hearts with her music and motivational excerpts. Hally Loe is set apart from other entertainers by the genuine approach to delivering and drawing people to the positive energy which surrounds her performances.

If you consider Hally Loe for a performance, she is most definitely the entertainer and motivational performer that will insure the most wanted and positive responses from the audience.
Letters to Hally Loe from
Various “at-risk” kids for whom Hally performed her
Motivational Concert

Dear Ms. Loe;

I was very lucky to attend your concert. I thought your concert was very enjoyable. I loved the way that you could play all of the instruments. Out of all of the things you did in the concert, I liked your speech the most, because I have been through so many tough times during my life. I admire you so much for trying so hard to get your life back on track after your accident. Something very bad happened to me and I was upset for so long. But now I feel better after coming to your concert. I have to go – - bye

Dear Ms. Loe;

While listening to your story, it made me think of how when my family had so much problems. I didn’t think I could ever be as happy as I once was, but you made me realize no matter what happens you could never ever give up. You open my heart, you made me feel stronger and better about myself. Hearing you tell your story brought tears to my eyes.

Dear Ms. Loe;

You brought lots of inspiration to my heart. You made me feel good. My family problem has gotten worse, but I will try to be as strong as you. Ever since your concert I’ve gotten a little bit stronger. I’m thankful for that strength you let me have once again.

Thanks to you I don’t have so much low self-esteem as I used to. Sometimes I would say things and hurt myself. I would think about suicide, but you made me realize that there is more of life than death; and that well never be a way out.

Dear Ms. Loe;

My teacher took us to see your concert. At first I thought its going to be boring, but then I started to listen and it made a lot of sense. I feel very privileged to be able to attend your concert. Your story helped me. I was in my school’s talent show. I felt like a really stupid person. I sang in front of all those people and then didn’t win. I was so embarrassed. But your story helped me to see that I should keep trying, and eventually I’ll get there.