29 Oct 2014

Miracle Reunion

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I felt nervous, excited, anxious, happy, and a whole host of mixed emotions. My daughter, Joy, my niece, Darien, and I were sitting in Darien’s house, waiting for Rusty to arrive. Rusty, the son I had not seen in 30 years. The son who had been kidnapped by my psychopathic mother and megalomaniac brother. I had not believed that this day would ever come. I feared that the evil, and dysfunction, and deception, that was the foundation of our wounded family, would forever prevent the happiness that now was within seconds of our reach. But I should have known better. The positive work to ferret out the truth that lies within our pain, and to learn the lessons associated with that pain, always prevails over anything negative. And, as I would learn later in this day of miracles, I was not the only one doing that work!

Rusty and his wife, Joe’ll, walked through the door of Darien’s beautiful home! I walked into the arms of the handsome, tall, man that my lost boy of eleven had turned into. He hugged me hard. I pulled back a little bit, and said, “Let me look at you.” But he pulled me back and said, “No, I’ve been waiting thirty years for this hug, and I’m not going to cut it short!”

Angels, and spirit guides, and every other unseen heavenly host that exists must have been there with us on that day, because, what could have been an awkward, difficult reunion, turned out to be completely the opposite. It was beautiful, magical, natural, and wonderful!

It turns out that Rusty, like Joy and Darien, has the most amazing sense of humor. And, for an hour or so, the four of us just laughed and talked and visited, like we had never been separated by thirty years of pain and hurt. And then, seamlessly, our conversation segued into what we were really there to discover and work out. How to get to, and through, the multiple, hurtful, horrible lies that had been told to all of us by who we came to call, “The Wicked Witch of the West,” and “He who shall not be named”, and the years of suffering and separation for all of us that these two evil, loveless people had caused with those lies. This included not only the kidnapping and abuse that followed, but also the suicide of Darien’s father, my other brother.

We spent hours in that conversation and discovery, interrupted occasionally by some great food as well as some comic relief, which was supplied by the power of humor possessed by Joy, Rusty, and Darien. We all knew the lies that my mother, and the psychopathic grandmother of Rusty, Joy, and Darien was capable of, but in pooling all of our experiences, we were all shocked by the depravity with which this hateful woman purposefully worked to hurt us all, especially me; the one who she hated the most! We cried and railed at the cruelty and sickness of the whole situation, as we shared our individual experiences of pain that we suffered as a result of that cruelty and sickness.

We continued until the wee hours of the morning, and it was past 2:00 a.m. when Joy and I slipped into our hotel room and tried to sleep. The next day, we met the rest of Rusty’s family; his kids; my grandchildren that I had never met. And what a wonderful family! Beautiful, intelligent, fun, athletic, and loving! We ate dinner together, played, watched family videos, heard family stories, and looked at family photos. It was almost overwhelming in the beauty and magic of it all.

The next day, the four of us; Joy, Rusty, Darien, and I, met at the Canyons Resort, where we planned on abandoning the intensity of our discovery of each other, and just plain have some fun on the mountain’s zip line. But the Universe had other plans for us. The zip line was closed. So we chose an outside restaurant with an-out-of-the-way table, and we continued that discovery process. We learned more about each other and the evil machinations that had kept us apart. But the most amazing discovery we made was this: Although each one of us had suffered emotional and physical pain that no one should ever suffer, not one of us was defeated by those experiences. But rather, we each found our own path of healing and recovery. We each faced our experiences with strength, determination, and resolve. And we each chose to OVERCOME AND BECOME. We chose to triumph rather than to be defeated.

An inspirational quote that Darien later discovered says it all: “Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.” We had each chosen not to allow the damage caused by these loveless people in our lives, to control the rest of our lives. We had each walked a path of healing, self-discovery, and self-recovery that allowed us to go on and heal not only ourselves, but also to form the resolve to help others, who also may be experiencing trials and hardships in their lives. We had each taken our experiences of “damage” to evolve from the “healed” to the “healer.”

As we were getting ready to get into our various cars to go home at the end of this, our wonderful reunion, Darien told us that she had a dream about us jointly writing a book about our experiences. We agreed that this was the Universe guiding us in our next journey, and we decided to do just that; write a book. The book will feature not only our various and individual experiences of suffering, but also the various and individual paths that each of us has chosen to take in order to overcome and become. Rusty has already written an introduction. And here it is:

“It was a beautiful autumn day in the Rocky Mountains. One of those where you tend to forget about everything, consumed entirely by the sensations of the moment: the gentle breeze; the cool, but you-don’t-quite-need-a-jacket temperature; the azure blue sky; the color-rich mountainside, bathed in sunlight and dressed in all manner of seasonally changing leaves.

They sat in the middle of it all, at a weathered, wooden table on a restaurant patio at the beautiful Canyons resort, this unassuming family of four. A mother, her daughter, son and niece. A perfectly normal situation, you’d think.

But you’d be wrong.

Because what you couldn’t possibly tell from their loving interactions, or from their natural, playful banter, or the easy way the conversation flows back and forth, is that this moment, this blessedly beautiful day, is that this is the first time they’ve seen each other in 30 years. Having been heartbreakingly torn from each other over three decades ago. In fact the only indication of the amazing nature of their soul fulfilling reunion is the occasional tears shed, and the hugs that follow, as they tell each other the story… Their story

This is that story!”

For photos of our reunion, see my facebook page.

To each and every one of you who is struggling, or working to overcome and become from your struggles, I wish you love, peace, and triumph!

Love always


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