18 Jun 2014

Music Box Dancer

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I had promised all of you that I would reveal the thing that has come to fruition in my life after much determination and effort, in this week’s blog. But, I have decided to postpone that until next time. The reason for that postponement is that something came up this past week that reminded me of a very special experience that I had. And my intuition told me that I just had to write about it this week. I have learned to honor my intuition. (In fact that honoring of my intuition will be a large part of what I have to share with you next time.)

A few days ago, my new friend, Don Speice, aka “The Video Chef”, created another wonderful music video using my recording of “Music Box Dancer”. It is a masterpiece, as are all of his music videos, and I just love it. And it is that song that caused the very special experience that I had years ago, and that I want to tell you about it.

Music is magical because it gives us permission to feel. Too many times in our culture, we are encouraged, or forced by outer influences, to keep our emotions repressed or locked up. We do not feel free to feel or express the powerful force of emotions that live within us. And emotions are powerful, because it is emotions that reveal the existence of our Soul. And our Soul, its growth, evolution, and purpose, is why we are here in the first place. (Repressed emotions and their consequences will be a large part of my next blog, so please stay tuned).

Anyway, the song “Music Box Dancer” has always made me feel happy. And happiness, in my earlier life, was not a commodity that I had a lot of. So, when I recorded my first CD, I just had to include that song. After months of planning and recording, the CD was finally complete, and I was driving home from my recording studio in Idaho, to my home in Wyoming. It was Spring, and everything was green and beautiful. The weather was warm and welcoming, and I had my brand new CD playing in my car, turned up as loud as I could. I was so proud of it, and so excited about it. I had worked so hard on it, and it was a dream come true. So I was blasting it out of my speakers with pride.

As is typical in the Spring in this part of the country, there was some road construction, and a line of cars, going both directions, was stopped for a quite a while; so long in fact, that most of us got out of our cars and just stood out in the warm sunshine, chatting with each other. This particular road wound through farm country, and right at the site of where we were stopped for the construction, there was a whole herd of cows with new little calves lying along the fence line next to the road. They watched us all with their big brown eyes.

When I got out of my car, I turned my blaring CD down a little, but (I admit) not much. And it played while all of us, strangers to each other, stood talking outside our cars. A couple of people commented favorably on the CD playing in my car, and I proudly told them that it was my first. While we stood there, the song “Music Box Dancer” came up on the CD. It had only been playing for a few seconds, when all of sudden, every single one of those baby calves jumped up from where they were lying down near the fence, and began running, and playing, and frolicking around. They jumped, and nudged each other, and played until the song ran its course. Then they quietly lay back down near their mothers again near the fence.

All of us looked at each other, astounded at what we had just seen. One of the women in the group said, “I think it was that song that made those calves do that.” So somebody else said, “Play it again, and let’s see.” So I did. And you know, the exact same thing happened. The calves all jumped up and began running around the field in fun mode. And this time, a few of the adult cows joined in. All of us two-legged onlookers just observed this weird, but happy occurrence with open mouthed wonder. And when the song ended, I just hit “repeat”, and the frolicking continued. By this time, the construction workers had been drawn to this wonderful performance of nature, and we all silently, buy joyfully watched as these little calf-members of Mother Nature, rejoiced in a beautiful song.

After the third play-through, we all had to get going, but we all said goodbye to each other and to the calves, and went on our separate ways. But for a few minutes, on that lonely road, winding through farm country, one magical and happy song had united strangers, both human and animal, in a celebration of happiness.

That song had affected some happiness center in those calves, and they had responded by playing in the sunshine. About a year later, I was driving through Colorado, on my way to perform some gigs, and I heard an ad on the radio for a pet store. And the music they were playing in the background of the ad was my recording of “Music Box Dancer”. Apparently, that song hit some sort of cord with animals.

Now every time I play that song, I think of those little calves, and I smile inside. Music affects us emotionally. It gives us permission to feel, and that song gives us permission to feel happy. That is why it has always been one of my favorite songs. And I am so grateful to Don Speice, the Video Chef, for putting it out there in video form. Thanks, Don.

Here is a link to that video. Enjoy! And feel happy!

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