13 May 2014


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Part of my love for animals I inherited from my father, the Forest Ranger. Dad told me once, “Animals can’t speak English, but if you listen to them with your heart, their message is as clear as if they did.”

I have been blessed with many experiences with animals that could only have taken place because I took that advice. But one outstanding story of my Dad’s ability to listen to animals with his heart, I just have to repeat here.

It happened when he was living in Wyoming. His home was on the banks of a river, and on the other side of the river were high mountains. My Dad was a champion hiker, hiking almost every summer day of his life. As Winter was losing its grip on the landscape one Spring, and my Dad was starting to plan his summer hikes, one big snowfield, high on the mountain above his home grabbed his interest. All the snow had melted off from the mountain except this one snowfield, and it was shrinking daily. Dad didn’t know why he was so drawn to that one snowfield, it certainly did not seem an especially interesting hike. But nevertheless, something about it kept pulling on his attention, making him commit to climbing to it before the warming temperatures made it disappear completely.

Finally one morning, he felt the call from that snowfield so strongly that he could not ignore it. So he donned his back pack and set out for the snowfield, which, he figured was only going to last another day or two before it melted and would be gone for the summer.

It was a hard and steep hike, taking a good half of a day. But when he finally reached that far snowfield, he immediately recognized why it had been calling him. But it wasn’t really the snowfield that had called so clearly to him, but rather something else near the snowfield; something else that called, and Dad’s heart had heard that call.

Lying near the snowfield, starving, skinny, and close to death was a puppy! Yes, that’s right, a three month old puppy. Dad had no idea how it got clear up there on that mountain. It had nothing to eat, but it was living off the water from the melting snow; snow from that one snowfield that was only going to last one more day.

Dad coaxed the puppy to eat some of the sandwich that he had brought with him, and then he carried the little dog down the mountain and took him straight to the vet’s office. The vet gave him some IV nutrients, looked him over good, and told Dad that he had been just in time to save the puppy. That he probably would not have lived another day. The vet, being the only vet in a very small town, also knew the owners of the little dog. And when the vet had finished fixing him up, my Dad took him home.

Of course, the little dog’s “people”, including two small children, who loved the little dog, were ecstatic at the return of their pet, who they assumed was gone for good. After all the loves and hugs over the dog were completed, and he was nestled in his bed, my Dad learned the back story surrounding the little dog’s mysterious presence up high on the mountain near the snowfield.

The puppy had been playing with an older dog when the two had fallen into the river, which was running high with the spring runoff. Both dogs made it out of the river, but had gotten separated. The older dog made it home, but apparently the frightened puppy had become disoriented and had climbed up the mountain. Once on the mountain, he must have been too exhausted to go any further, so he had stayed near the snowfield to drink its melting water. Obviously too weak and too disoriented to go anywhere else, the puppy stayed at the snowfield, and apparently “called” for help in that nonverbal, mystical language that animals speak. And my Dad, who could understand and hear that language, because he listened for it “with his heart”, had heard the puppy’s call, and he responded, giving a happy ending to this true story of the Snowfield Puppy.

If we could all learn to “listen with our hearts”, we would hear so much more, and be blessed by so much, that we might miss otherwise. For here is a special truth. Animals are not the only mystical presence that speaks to us through our hearts!

From my heart to yours;

Hally Loe

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