24 Oct 2018

Lisa and the Homeless Man

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It has been said that most of the world’s ills are committed in the name of God.  Too often, people of different religions, nationalities, and belief systems have completely diverse concepts of God.  And those divergent concepts create wars, vast experiences of suffering, and conditions of tremendous peril around the world


“What would Jesus do?”  This is the query that good Christians everywhere claim to rely upon as the light that guides their actions, words, thoughts and behavior.  And it is wonderful thing to behold when a Christian person actually walks in the light of that guidance.


Sadly, however, there are many who talk that talk, but fail miserably to walk that talk.  But my friend and neighbor, Lisa, is a person who lives every day as if that question; “What would Jesus do”; is indelibly stamped on her heart.


Lisa is a relatively “baby” Christian, having been converted and baptized later in her life.  But she is the finest example of a Christian that I know.  She is the first person to jump to the aid of a friend, neighbor, or stranger when she sees they are in need. She never expects to be repaid, or rewarded, or even thanked.  She just enduringly chooses the guiding light in her life that is the Christ-like way of being.


An old irascible widower lives in our neighborhood.  He is hard of hearing and plagues the neighborhood because of his bottomless pit of loneliness that his wife’s passing created in his world.  His need is sometimes so overwhelming that people run when they see him.  But not Lisa.  Lisa cares for him, and cares about him.  She takes him to his doctor’s appointments, listens to the endless repeats of his stories, and bravely accepts his invitations for her to come visit him, so that she can minister to his unending need for company.  Since part of the reason that people have a difficult time being around him, is his almost total deafness, and his corresponding penchant for talking without listening, she recently took him to get a second opinion regarding his hearing loss.  Her goal was to find him help with his hearing so that he could participate in conversation more with other people, and thus avoid the shunning that he encounters every day.


She is the first to throw a party if someone has something to celebrate, is moving into or out of the neighborhood, or needs some cheering up. 


She is the constant support to her boyfriend, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, attending his hospital and doctor’s appointments with him, and always trying to keep up his spirits.


But no experience reflects Lisa’s devotion to the path walked by Jesus, like the following situation.


Lisa was invited to a local church that some family members attend.  As she was sitting listening to the sermon, she, and everyone else in the congregation, could not miss a homeless man sitting on the front row sobbing with grief.  Because of his bedraggled appearance, and very noticeable lack of hygiene, no one was sitting on his row or on the row behind him.  Despite his audible sobs, the minister ignored him and continued with his sermon.  Perhaps because of that un-Christ-like example, the rest of the congregation likewise ignored him.  But not Lisa.  The man’s pain tore at the strings of her huge heart.  So she left her seat and went to sit beside the homeless man.  She put her arm around him.  “Yes”, she said, “He did stink.”   But Lisa could not let this grief-stricken man sit alone, and grieve so horribly, without giving him an arm to comfort him, and a heart to console his misery.  She sat with him for the whole service.  I don’t know what ever happened to the poor man, but I do know, that on whatever level, the man’s life was blessed by my friend Lisa, and her unconditionally loving heart.  And all of us who know her are likewise blessed by her! 


And I am grateful that she is in my life!!!

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