25 Jun 2015

Taking the First Step – Two Exercises in Beginning Your Path of Personal Growth and Transformation

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Recently I was talking with a new acquaintance. She is presently experiencing some great life challenges and suffering from some intense personal pain. She said to me, “You have come so far and you have done so much to make your life good and fulfilling. I want to do that with my life, but I don’t have a clue where to start. There is just so much to do. I am overwhelmed!”

I empathized with her, and remembered how lost, afraid, and alone I felt when I first started on my own path of personal growth, evolution, and transformation. So, all I knew to advise her was to tell her where I started. And where I started, I now know from my personal experience, turned out to be a wonderful and powerful beginning.

Here is what I told her.

All paths of personal growth, evolution, and transformation must begin with the intention and/or sincere desire to walk that path. Because, as much as I would like to tell you it is easy, it is most decidedly not! But if you take it one step at a time, and take each step with firm intention, and unconditional love for yourself and others whom you can help after you cross the finish line, you WILL cross that finish line on your path, and you WILL feel the most profound gratitude and happiness for going to all the trouble!

Because my personal path first involved learning to overcome the devastating and abusive devaluation, negation, and rejection that I had experienced in my early life, I took my first baby steps by creating, and by fearlessly and positively, repeatedly and unfailingly performing two very simple but extremely powerful exercises every single day. And I NEVER missed a single day! These exercises I call, “The Gratitude Exercise”, and the “Personal Pride Exercise”.


So simple, yet so powerful, this exercise will change you and your life in a very short time! For a specified time every single day, you say, out loud, all the things you are grateful for. I suggest you start with 5 minutes and work up to at least 15 minutes a day. Feel free to repeat yourself if you find that you are running out of things to be grateful for. But don’t forget ANYTHING! Express your gratitude for the smallest to the largest things in your life. Include anything that makes you feel good, comfortable, happy, healthy, joyful, grateful, loving, accomplished, etc. There is no limit on the things you can find in your life to be grateful for. I have even been known to be grateful for things as small as waking up in the middle of the night and happening to catch sight of a full moon, to even more extremes like someone yelling at me because it gave me the opportunity to learn to not internalize that other person’s anger and cruelty, and love myself more. I repeat. This exercise will absolutely change your life seemingly overnight!

This exercise was much more difficult for me to begin, because I carried such painful wounds from feelings of inferiority, worthlessness, and powerlessness. But nevertheless, I did it, and I still do it. It too is very simple, and extremely powerful in the immediate transformations it will bring to you and to your life. But I will warn you that you might feel like a real geek when first beginning this exercise. But your feelings of geekiness will go away once you get used to doing the exercise, and once you get more proficient at it. Here is what you do.

You take your right hand and place it on your left shoulder, towards your back. And you literally pat yourself on the back as you say, out loud, all the things about yourself that you are proud of. Again, there are no limits. You can find something small or great about yourself every day to be proud of. Again, I recommend starting with 5 minutes every day and work up. You will be amazed how this exercise will transform your life as well. For as you express, out loud, the things you can find about yourself to be proud of, you will find yourself during the day, consciously or even unconsciously, excelling in ways and things you had not previously even thought of, or in ways you had not even believed you could. So powerful is the dynamic of self-confidence that this exercise instills in you!

In a way, this exercise is simply an extension of the Gratitude Exercise, because being proud of your self is also being grateful for yourself. But words carry powerful energy and the energy of the words “grateful” and “proud” will have different but powerful healing effects on you.

After only two weeks of repeating these two exercises every single day, I was able to leave an abusive relationship that I had felt trapped in and had doubted that I could ever escape, I got a new job with more money, and I moved into a wonderful new apartment. I even started to experience healing in my physical body!

No matter what your level of suffering, pain, or challenging personal experiences, and no matter where you are along your path of personal growth, healing, evolution, and transformation, these two exercises will most definitely propel you even more quickly and effectively along that path!

BTW I’m grateful for all of you, my friends, family, fans, and readers, and I’m proud of myself for doing what I needed to do to bring you all into my life! See what I mean?

Good Luck, and keep exercising!

Love always


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