31 Mar 2015

A Life Less Afraid

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“The continued dominance by one person over another relies upon the other continuing to believe that they are inferior!” ……. Mark Henrikson in his book, “Origins”

I can remember many years ago, when I first got into the music business, I was standing in a supermarket line, watching the woman working the checkout counter, and interacting with her customers. And I was watching her in amazement! Why? Because she positively exuded self-confidence, and that was the quality that I was struggling every single day to achieve.

Every day I would stand on the stage in front of audiences and hope with all my heart that they didn’t hate me. I loved my music and I believed in what I was doing with my music, but I was shivering in my proverbial shoes as I was doing it. Because I did not believe I was worthy of having people pay attention to me or applaud me. I was frightened of their disapproval and terrified that I would make a mistake and be judged harshly by them. And there I was, observing that checker, comparing our jobs, and our levels of self-esteem, and knowing that she was light years ahead of me!

As my readers know from my previous blogs and my motivational concerts, I was not privileged to have grown up in a family environment where I was loved, cherished, encouraged, and awarded with any kind of attention or favor. Just the opposite. I was negated, rejected, devalued and mistreated. The result of that early childhood trauma for me, was a complete lack of self-esteem. I possessed absolutely no concept of my own worth or place in the world. So of course, via the law of attraction, much of my life was spent attracting more people, and more situations, through which my low opinion of myself, so impressed upon me during my childhood, was mirrored back to me by others.

The Cleansing Power of Suffering Overcome

But as you also know from my previous works, I believe in the cleansing, transforming, and healing power of suffering overcome. I believe that the conditions from which we suffer have great meaning in our life. They serve as teachers that have the power to reveal to us hidden truths about ourselves, and inner strengths that we possess; strengths that we have the power to call upon to OVERCOME our suffering and BECOME the stronger, healthier, more powerful and transformed person we are meant to be.

I believe that we are always, always stronger than any trials or difficulties we may be going through. And the very trials with which we struggle, are the very teachers that show us our inner Light. But only if we react to those struggles with the goal in mind of learning more about ourselves and our inner strengths.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we CAN control how we react to those experiences.

The childhood trauma that I experienced and that robbed me of my self-esteem, presented me with great struggle in my life. But eventually I learned to choose to react to that struggle by consciously turning away from the harshness of what others thought of me, and instead, going within to discover for myself, what I am really made of, and who I really am. And then to choose to gain the courage to express all that inner energy into my external world, honoring and respecting my true self, even in the face of those who cannot, or will not, return that honor or respect.

Now, after years and years of conscious hard work dedicated to learning to honor, respect, and discover my true self, I can walk out on that stage without a single worry about what others think, but rather focusing on the music and message that I love and believe in, and most importantly, enjoy. I am proud to say that now, after all that work, I am more like that wonderful model of confidence that I so envied all those years ago.

That wonderful and beautiful supermarket checker, who inspired me to live a life less afraid.

Love always

Hally Loe

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