14 Jan 2015

Life Is Not A Zero Sum Game

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“There are infinite resources in the Universe. It is not a zero sum game where if someone has something it means you must do without.”
…..Mark Henrikson from his book, “Origins”.

Everyone who knows me, and/or who reads my blogs, knows that my core and personal truth is the reality of The Universal Law of Love.” Simply put, The Universal Law of Love, also called the Law of Universal Abundance, is the principle that affirms that God, the Universe, or the divine Godallthatis (whatever you wish to personally call the force that rules and guides all things), so unconditionally loves all of creation, and holds it in such high esteem, that the divine desire or higher will of this divine force is for all of creation to have love, joy, and abundance as its birthright and divine heritage.

I have absolutely certain faith that love, joy, and abundance are divinely meant for each and every one of us. There are no exceptions. The above quote from mark Henrikson underscores that truth, and I love it. When I read it while devouring his first “Origins” series book, I felt as if I was greeting an old friend.

Science has proven that our Universe has no center and it is ever expanding. Well, there you go! Scientific proof of God’s love. Oohh don’t tell the scientists that. Most of them will certainly freak out if they think they have proven the existence of God and Universal Higher Law.

Therefore, under the banner of that truth, it is obvious that the only thing that limits our abilities to have, create, and enjoy those divine gifts of love, joy, and abundance, is but our ability to move beyond any doubt that they are meant for us. Since, we are divinely intended to have these gifts, we CAN have them. But only if, when thinking about them or working towards them, our sensitive subconscious does not hear the goblin of doubt creeping up on us. For, when doubt enters the creative process, the results that we manage to bring to fruition are but the limited results of that doubt.

Yet admittedly, that principle of Universal Abundance can seem overwhelmingly counterintuitive. Just look at this world we live in, we say. There are destructive forces of nature and destructive forces of humanity all around us. These destructive forces seem to obviously and dramatically limit the resources available to us. So how can we overcome doubt in our ability to enjoy the divine gifts of universal abundance when these destructive forces are so in our face, and appear to wield so much power!?

The answer is that we have to learn to look and to see with higher eyes. With eyes that see beyond the physical illusions of this earth plane and that see into the spiritual reality that overrides it. We have to develop a more consciously matured perception of being. A perception that is not limited by our puny, weekling five senses, but that is fueled and directed by our much larger and stronger minds. For the more that we direct our thoughts, or the infinite power of our minds, on an inner awareness of reality, the more we become aware of, and able to see, the infinite truths that reside within that inner, spiritual, reality of higher consciousness.

And what do we have to do in order to make such a matured leap of consciousness? Well that’s easy! The most simple of all answers really. WE JUST HAVE TO WANT TO!

For, when we want to do something badly enough, just like Nike says, we just do it!

So imagine, if you will, a world in which the majority of Earth-dwellers believe in or have faith in that principle of Universal Love and Abundance. Just imagine the beauty, and peace, and prosperity, and freedom from ugly destructive negatives that are so prevalent in our world today.

No one would feel the need to destroy or harm another because they feared that zero sum game that Henrickson talks of. No one would fear that if another had something that it meant that they must do without. No one would suffer deprivation, fear, hunger, violence, greed, war, etc., if they just realized the convenient and beautiful truth that there are, indeed, unlimited resources in the universe, and that the force of love that rules this universe intends for all of us to benefit from those resources.

Look for this truth yourself, and I guarantee that you will find it. Until you do, if you need to borrow faith from me, it’s yours!

Love always


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